Easy form processing for your websites

When designing websites handling form submitions can be a pain, so just send it to us and we'll stored and send you the email.

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How can we help?

Nothing to install in your server

CScontact is cloud based, so you dont need to install or update any extra scripts in your server

Never loose a lead

Deleted the email by mistake? No problem, all your emails are stored in the DB for easy access allways

Organize your forms submits and leads

Keep notes of meetings, reminders and more

Beutiful design emails

You receibe clean design emails with your logo

How does it work?

You create the forms on your website, then you send the form data to our system witch stores in your own private database, the we send a clean design email to the inbox you specify


Create your form



Point the form to us



Read the email, analyze the lead


Comunication is the key

Keep all your messages secure and orginize so you dont have any loose ends